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The Sand Game is an analytical therapeutic method that originates from Dora Kalff, who was a patient of Carl Gustav Jung, and who in turn was inspired by the "Game of the World" by the pediatrician Margareta Lowenfeld. The Sand Game, a very popular method in Switzerland, England, the United States and Japan, has also had a good diffusion in Italy through Jungian analysts. It allows you to treat many psychopathological situations and develop important parts of the personality within a free and protected space, symbolic ordering of new trajectories and possibilities. At the patient's disposal there are numerous miniature objects that stimulate his attention, his curiosity, his inner dynamics, activating them in the direction of unprecedented movements. The intercorporeal, intersubjective, spatial and musical aspects (silence) are among the main active dynamics during this therapeutic process that knows how to excite where words are missing or interrupted and forgotten. My passion for this method is a passion born through the love for art and the creative aspects of every human being. My knowledge of some musical instruments allows me to follow and recognize the rhythm, melody and harmony of each sand painting that accompany the emerging symbolic images. I am an ordinary member of LAI (Analytical Image Laboratory) and I have dedicated my latest book to this method: Interior Scenarios, the Sand Game between psychosis and creativity.