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Born in Brescia in 1970, I earned a master's degree in "Developmental Psychology: social and clinical educational processes and contexts" at the University of Parma with a thesis on the creative dynamics between neuroscience and dynamic psychology. I specialized as a psychotherapist in Milan at LI.S.T.A (Free School of Analytical Therapy) with a thesis on psychological types applied to the clinical and psychotherapeutic side. I become a member of the SABOF Philosophically Oriented Biographical Analysis Society and an ordinary member of the Analytical Image Laboratory LAI. I collaborate as teacher with several Italian specialization schools and with higher education schools such as Philo-Philosophical Practices of Milan. My activity as a psychotherapist, at my office in Parma, is aimed at adolescents, adults and couples. In clinical practice I refer to dynamic psychology and in particular to analytical psychology through the thought of Carl Gustav Jung. This education in reading symptoms (e.g. Anxiety, Panic, Major Depressions, Phobias, Obsessions, Eating disorders, etc.) gives the same transformative and healing values in search of the specific identifier of each subject. I therefore devote particular attention to all the emerging and transformative symbolic aspects declined and revisited biographically. Part of my psychotherapy work is also dedicated to the clinic of psychosis and borderline disorders.

The Sand Play Therapy is one of my psychotherapy tools of choice. I carry out research and training activities relating to the psychodynamics of adolescence, artistic creation, body languages ​​and the Sand Game, in individual relationships and with groups.



My interests in complex systems, the poetics of the body, music, cinema, art and poetry, combined with a philosophical search for meaning and orientation, have synthesized and resonated in Sabof (School of Biographical Analysis with Philosophical Orientation), where the universal elements are in dialogue with the individual biographies that are embodied and rooted in stories and narratives.

An education to the question that knows how to reconfigure itself, always, with a careful eye on culture, society, the living and that immense ancient and mythical knowledge that becomes the possibility of kaleidoscopic imagination on the world.